Repair Request

For any repairs please contact your property manager. Please contact the following tradespeople for any emergency repairs.

Tuan Le Plumbing: 0411 666 763

Burling Electrical: 0418 284 815

Akina Eleven: 0413 486 586

For any repairs that are not urgent if you could kindly wait till after next of business day. Please email your request as a stuff member will try to attend to the matter asap.

Special Notes for Tenants Information

* Please realise that the standard of the house is as inspected and any requests for renovation or 

refurbishment must be referred to the owner and is at their discretion.

*If the repair or maintenance has not been done and you have not heard from us within seven (7) days, 

please contact your property manager. Please note that some owners insist on repairs being referred to them before we can act.

*Repairs are reffered to tradespeople promptly- time frames can vary depending on the individual

tradesperson's workload.

*Unauthorised work will be at the tenant's expenses.

*We authorise you to provide our contact details to the repairer/issue keys to access the property to repair the item/s to the repairer.

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