At Red Pocket, 

Our Real Estate office can help take care of small to full renovations and property maintenance for our investors. 

We take on renovation work from demolition, Installing new kitchens, bathrooms, painting, New tiled floors, timber floorboards and carpet floors. 

We specialise in full top to bottom renovations giving your investment property a makeover. 

Our prices are competitive and we always try to help you achieve what you want within your budget.

What makes us different compare to other Real Estate agents?

If your investment property is managed by us, We are able to offer you (landlords) an interest free repayment option for Maintenance work and any size renovation work conducted.

How it works?

Let's say your investment property is due for a new kitchen or bathroom...

You simply pay 50% upfront and we start and complete the work. 

We then lease your property for you at it's current market rate at the time and we simply collect the remainder 50% balance over months from your rental income. 

For Example: 

2 bedroom Unit ($12,000 Job for New kitchen, bathroom and painting) 

So you pay $6,000 Upfront to start and complete work.

Once the job is complete, We put the property on the market.

Let's say the current rental market is approx $320-$360 per week

So Each month $1,000 is taken out from the rental income to pay for the renovations installments and the remainder of the rental is paid to the landlord. (Ideal for tax deduction)

We aim to provide the service where you don't need to do all the hard work and we'll take care of everything for you.

If you wish to know more - Feel free to contact us today on 0413 486 586